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Angels Boutique is a professional beauty salon specialising in sports massage therapy treatments, located in the heart of old Kenilworth high street, in Warwickshire. Sports massage involves a wide range of techniques that include effleurage, kneading, wringing and trigger pointing. A sports massage is used for general relaxation of the muscular system as well as being directed towards any problem areas. Book a consultation with Lisa today. 


What is sports massage?

Anyone can benefit from this therapy as it can be tailored to your individual requirements, whether that be general relaxation and wellbeing or recovery from a workout or event or just keeping you pain free and helping with mobility.


Professional sports massage in Kenilworth

Our resident, highly skilled and experienced sports therapist is Lisa Deegan. You can find our more about Lisa's therapy services at

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Relax in our friendly and private health clinic in Kenilworth old town, on the edge of Abbey Fields. Angels Boutique is situated within a unique timber-framed and original listed Tudor building, with surrounding architecture dating back to the 1400s.

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