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Angels Boutique advanced Electrolysis in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Angels Boutique is a professional beauty salon specialising in hair removal and electrolysis treatments, located in the heart of old Kenilworth high street, in Warwickshire. Professional hair removal is an increasingly popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair and managing excessive hair growth.



Still the most popular method for permanent removal of hairs, particularly hairs over a small area.

Advanced Electrolysis

This treatment is amazing. It can remove unsightly thread veins, mila, warts, blood spots, moles, skin tags and many more minor skin blemishes. In most cases the conditions can be treated quickly and without any risk. Just occasionally we may recommend taking medical advice before treatment. After a free consultation a price is then given for your bespoke procedure.

Electrolysis treatment prices

Up to 5 minutes... £10.00

10 minutes... £15.00

15 minutes... £18.00

20 minutes... £21.00

30 minutes... £27.00

60 minutes... £50.00

Advanced Electrolysis... From £35.00

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We also provide waxing treatments.

Relax in our friendly and private health clinic in Kenilworth old town, on the edge of Abbey Fields. Angels Boutique is situated within a unique timber-framed and original listed Tudor building, with surrounding architecture dating back to the 1400s.

Angles electrolysis hair removal in Kenilworth

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